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Victoria Johnson-Dance Session

8:17:00 PM

Dance Photography-Downtown Asheboro, NC

I did this shoot last weekend and boy did I have fun.  This was my first session with a dancer.  I loved having a variety of different poses to shoot.  We first started the session on First St. in downtown Asheboro, NC.  This street is a lovely background and gives you an "urban" feel.  The long row of windows leading you to downtown Sunset Ave. has somewhat of a nostalgic feel.  The lighting is just enough in the late afternoon to fill the shadows.

After taking several street shots on North St, we headed to one of my favorite spots in Asheboro, the old train depot on the corner of White Oak St. and Salisbury St.  This depot in downtown Asheboro is no longer used.  The feel of the abandoned building is portrayed in the pictures and gives you a rustic "urban" theme again, which is what we were going for.  It was about 8pm in the afternoon on this summer evening.  The sun was setting just below the railroad tracks giving you a perfect warm tone to the pictures.

Next, we headed over to the Memorial Park Baseball Field in Asheboro, NC also known as Nance Field.  We chose this location because she wanted some shots of her and her boyfriend, who is an avid baseball player and my son.  She wanted a mixture of dance and baseball for a fun whimsical theme.  This idea was brilliant!  My son, her boyfriend, brought his baseball gear and we just let the ideas roll in.  We were running out of natural light but had so many dance pose ideas.  We managed to still take a ton of pictures though.  The dirt, grass, dugout and bleachers along with her delicate dance poses made for some beautiful pictures.  See for yourself below.

dance session, asheboro, nc

dance and baseball session

dance and baseball photo session

dance and baseball photo session

dance and baseball photo session
dance and baseball photo session

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