Using Google and Youtube to Learn Photography on Your Own!

4:04:00 PM


      You know it's great in this digital age when you have a question and all you have to do is "Google" it...  Along with Google is "YouTube".  I have learned a lot on my own being a "self taught" photographer and most of my on the job training goes to my uncle, a few photographer friends, books, online tutorials and YouTube.  I have studied it on my own for about 11 years now and continue to learn.  Here are a number of references that you can learn DIY photography from:

  • YouTube - In Camera/Post Camera, posing, tutorials, etc..etc.. (Search: Lightroom tutorials, How to pose, How to use a reflector, etc)
          Example below..

      There are plenty more on the www. but these are just a start to get you going.  I'm learning everyday and can't learn enough.  If you know of anymore helpful sites, please send me an email with the information and I will update this list,  

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