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Lightroom Luminance Tips

10:51:00 AM

      Do you ever see images that are smooth with little or no noise and wonder "how'd they do that" ?  Do you have an image that you had to increase the exposure quite a bit and are left with a very noisy, grainy image?  Do you want that dreamy creamy look?

      If you are using Lightroom, chances are you know a little about luminance.  But do you ever use it?  You should!

     Try this trick with one of your images.

I Lightroom 4,

  1. Upload an image
  2. Go ahead and perform your normal edits.
  3. Then scroll down to the "luminance" section.
  4. Increase the luminance to 100
  5. Decrease the color to 0.
  6. You can also decrease the clarity a bit to give it a smoother look. 
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Wallah!  Hope this helps!  If you know of any other helpful Lightroom tips, please feel free to share!  Email me at

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